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Very slow to respond to referrals

November 11, 2021
Very slow to respond to referrals and provide no communication during the waiting time making it very difficult to support family members in need of help.

Was given number via doctors..only 1 phone

November 9, 2021
No follow up
No appointments

Vwry slow response time

October 26, 2021
Left me with no support otheer than being put on a very long waitinf list for psychological therapy. I got very mentally unwell a couple of months after this and had noone to turn to

Very poor

October 7, 2021
Very Poor

Very slow and and disappointing

August 7, 2021
It is very slow and and disappointing. My daughter is still waiting for a psychiatric review one year after referral. Any support is phone based and outsourced and you do not feel that the people you are speaking to are suitably qualified or experienced
Nina Parsons

Mixed Review FTB Access Centre (Crisis Team)

April 23, 2021
Our experience has been mixed, dependent upon which staff member you get. Some are excellent. Some are poor. We requested a copy of a care plan almost 2 month ago. one month ago we asked again to be told the care plan didn't exist and so someone sat down and did a really good job of writing it with us on their lap top. However we still have not received the copy despite reminders

Very hard to access Forward Thinking Birmingham STICK team

April 23, 2021
For my15 year old. Very hard to access abs keen to discharge asap.

Very poor

April 20, 2021
Very poor

Not fit for purpose

April 18, 2021
They need more psychiatrists and psychologists. Staff are so busy they cannot properly assess and treat . My child has not had the therapy she has needed and has been medicated instead. They do not write detailed enough reports for ehcps with no recommendations. Crisis team have never helped us. We have had to use our child's benefits for private treatment.

Limited specialist support

April 14, 2021
Very limited specialist support for young people on the autism spectrum who experience mental health issues.
Dave Marriott

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