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Got an appointment easily.

June 5, 2024
I got an appointment for my daughter easily. I had a face to face appointment as she doesn't eat. The GP made a referral that happened very quickly.

5 stars

June 4, 2024
I don't use them that often but I have been a few times. I try not to go.

No appointments, no referrals

May 7, 2024
Reception staff don't want to give you an appointment. GPs don't want to refer you to services. I give them 2 stars.

Don't answer phones and waits are too long.

March 19, 2024
They don't answer the phone at all. When you go for an appointment it's always a long wait. Doctor's are too busy they don't give you time to explain your issues and symptoms.

Excellent support from the GP

March 6, 2024
Our GP has provided excellent support and referred my daughter to the Children's for further treatment. We can easily get an appointment. They have helped us in arranging social care by engaging with the council.

GP was rude.

March 4, 2024
The GP called me from the practice and was so rude. He asked me what kind of dressing I needed and said there were lots and he wouldn't see me face to face. I ended up sorting it myself.

Looking for a new GP

March 4, 2024
They rejected my registration a week after registering with them. They said they had a high number of patients so now I am looking for a new GP.

Took 3 months to register and couldn't see GP

March 4, 2024
I called for a general appointment from 8am until 8:30am and went in physically in the end as it took 3 months to register with them. I had to go back as their electronic system wasn't working.

Took ages to register and long waiting times

March 4, 2024
I waited for 2 and a half months to be registered. It's difficult to get appointments as waiting times are so long.

Registering there is bad.

March 4, 2024
The registration process was bad. I had to make 2 attempts. I was not receiving proper feedback from them and waited 2 months to then apply again.

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