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The new online system is a hassle.

May 7, 2024
The new online booking system is a hassle because you have to wait a whole day for a response and you cannot plan anything as they may call you anytime.

Shamefully poor

April 2, 2024
I had bloods done in October. I phoned everyday until January for the results and was never given an appointment not even a phone call consult. So finally in Jan I had to have the bloods done again as results could have changed and we are in April and still unable to get my results. Been bed bound at 31 and then gaslighted by receptionists now considering going for private healthcare because I'm restricted from seeing my doctor like he's Mr president u girls on the desk need to sort your heads out. Withholding healthcare because Ur on some sort of power trip.

Not helpful

March 25, 2024
Doctors not interested and just fob you off with tablets which isn't resolving any issues

Very busy but very professional

March 25, 2024
It is very busy there. The waiting list was very long. I was able to get an appointment after a month. The staff are however very professional. The communication is good and I was given medication. The pharmacy inside is also very good and quick.

Rudest doctor I've ever met

March 25, 2024
Got a face to face with possibly the rudest doctor I've ever came across...making the real issues that have been ongoing for months by giving me the same medication that hasn't 100% worked

Useless surgery

March 20, 2024
I just spent 1 hour and 40 minutes trying to get through I was caller number 1 for 40 minutes no one picked up I gave up in the end it’s disgusting useless surgery and doctors never have a clue what is wrong they didn’t recognise my dad had lung cancer and a brain tumor until my mom forced them to send my dad for a scan he died 54 days later

Phone consultations

March 15, 2024
My partner who suffers mental health issues phones up for an appointment and when she finally gets through she is told to wait for a call back..eventually she gets a call back and after explaining her symptoms she is told to take vitamin D...vitamin D has nothing to do with mental health or the symptoms my partner was suffering...this has happened to a lot of people I these ridiculous doctors think that taking a vitamin is the cure to everything this place is beyond a joke

Depends who you see

March 4, 2024
The care depends on who you see. I have seen lots of locums who have made lots of mistakes. There is a lack of continuity of care. I do not find the surgery or the doctors understanding of my mental health struggles. I am supposed to fit into their system, and the system does not work for me. No allowances are made, one size does not fit all. I have experienced difficulties ordering my repeat prescriptions, which has to be done online. I have had medication missing due to needing a medication review but they do not contact me to let me know, I do not find out until I attend the pharmacy and finding medication is missing.

Rude staff not willing to help

March 4, 2024
Have to queue outside no matter what age or weather to be confronted by a rude receptionist telling you there's no appointments after queueing for over an hour...doctors dont have a clue at what they are doing

Wouldn't see me for severe morning sickness

February 20, 2024
They wouldn't see me for morning sickness at 6 weeks. They said they wouldn't see me and I had to explain the severity of and they eventually saw me as a one off.

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