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Really hard ringing at 8am

March 28, 2023
Pain – really hard ringing at 8am. 45 mins wait and no face to face appointment. All appointments are over the phone. If call for any cancellation had to ring up and they don’t answer the phone.

Can’t get appointment

March 24, 2023
Can’t get appointment , work full time, If I need an appointment will call on day off but not guaranteed an appointment. Can call at 8am – wait 40 to 50 minutes hold. Then they say no appointments that day.

It took a long to get through on phone

March 16, 2023
I don’t need them, Once I stop taking depression tablets. Last time when I contacted them it took a long to get through on phone and then no appointment was available. Had to call for few days to get an appointment.

Not easy access to the GP

January 23, 2023
Its very difficult to get an appointment and not easy access to the GP. The GP is good and the receptionists are really nice, they try as much as they can.

Practice have gone down since Covid.

January 23, 2023
Fine when they see you. Can’t get an appointment easily. Practice have gone down since Covid. Hard for professionals to get an appointments. They need to see people on Saturdays.

I like it

October 3, 2022
Don't know, I like it. I understand what they say to me.

They're alright

July 11, 2022
They're alright, but that depends on whether you can get through to them to make appointments.

So far so good.

June 29, 2022
They're really good, I am able to appointments with them and have no complaints, so far so good.

Sometimes you have to wait for days

April 20, 2022
It come in waves sometimes its ok and sometimes you have to wait for days for appointments.

Can’t fault them

April 20, 2022
Can’t fault them, I am with them since last 40 years.

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