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Won't reinstate my transport on conditions

June 3, 2024
I've been penalised due to staffing in Birmingham office I meet the full criteria on non emergency patient transport even rejected my gp surgery as well and support letter from different hospital in Birmingham with specialist

On time and very quick

Hospital transport
May 13, 2024
Excellent. On time. I am picked up and dropped off very quickly. Very good.

They were good and came quickly

March 26, 2024
They took me to hospital. I can't remember it fully as I blacked out but they were good at the bits I do remember. They came out within 20 minutes and took me to the hospital.

Kind staff but a long day

February 27, 2024
The transport bring you a couple of hours before your appointment and then won't get you back until after 5. It's a long day to be out. The staff are very good and kind and it's helpful when my daughter can't bring me.

Told I cannot have transport.

October 9, 2023
I need to go to several hospitals and need transportation to go. I am being told I cannot have transport any longer and have to take a taxi some weeks it cost me £100 this is not good enough I am 81 and have poor mobility it's like a prison interview trying to get help so demeaning.

Transport to and from hospital very good

July 24, 2023
Had to get an ambulance for cancer treatment every 4 weeks. I found them very good.

Pretty good like

June 2, 2023
They transfer me from my chair to a stretcher for an X-rays or scans so they can easily move me about. They're pretty good like, but I could do with the same sort of transport for covid injections or to the GP or dentist.

Hospital transport doesn’t come before 9 am

February 18, 2020
Hospital transport doesn’t come before 9 am and if your appointment is before 8 am you have to arrange your own transportation which costs £40. Few weeks back I went to hospital for my appointment at 8am by paying £40 and was told that appointment has been cancelled without any explanation given. I think it’s not fair.

Very difficult to get a hospital transport

February 18, 2020
It’s very difficult to get a hospital transportation and they keep on changing the appointment date and time. To get hospital transportation you have to give them 2 week notice otherwise you have to arrange your own transportation, which at times is very difficult and I have to go on taxi by spending £40.

Poor customer service in the booking office

July 17, 2018
For years i use to travel to ROH by bus 3 there 3 back till I found it difficult to walk. I was told to use this service which I have over several years with different suppliers but now it seems one person in the booking office is more qualified then my foot, knee, shoulder, hands and kidney consultants and says i no longer qualify for this service. If anything now happens to me I will be suing the hospital and transport

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West Midlands Ambulance Service (Non-Emergency Patient Transport - NEPT)

As well as dealing with '999' emergency calls, West Midlands Ambulance Service plays a key role in getting thousands of patients to their out-patient appointments. Every year, our staff complete in the region of 700,000 non-emergency Patient Transport Service (PTS) journeys. The Trust employs nearly 400 PTS staff who ensure patients get to their hospital appointments throughout the region 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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