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I only have praise for the Eye hospital

March 1, 2022
I only have praise for the Eye hospital, where I was referred to last year. It was not an urgent referral but to check something out my optician had noticed. I was treated efficiently , thoroughly and with great courtesy.


September 30, 2021
They have been fantastic, with so many years of support and care.

Very good and helpful

August 31, 2021
Very good and helpful, but had to wait for 1 hour before being seen by the doctor.

doctor didn't listen to my concerns

Eye Department
August 23, 2021
Communication could have been better, did not listen seem to be in a hurry didn't answer my question fully not very professional

Glaucoma patient operation great treatment

August 20, 2021
I was referred to the eye clinic from Shrewsbury for operation Re glaucoma
The staff are very good and very caring and professional. Waiting times are long though need more eye drs
Maureen Mckenzie

It was great service from start to finish.

July 7, 2021
My son had to attend the A&E as he scratched his eye. The waiting time that evening was 6 hours. They have a triage traffic light system of red, amber and green depending on urgency and as my son needed to be seen, but it was not immediate urgency (rated amber), they booked him an appointment at the Urgent care centre the following morning. This was really appreciated and ensured we did not need to wait for hours, and the following morning we were one of the first to be seen. It was great service from start to finish. Thank you!

Late cancellation of appointment

April 29, 2021
Late cancellation (on the day) of appointment for my 18 year old son. Despite his age and ringing him on his own personal mobile they were insistent on speaking to one of his parents in order to cancel... at very late notice.

Cancelled Appointment

April 27, 2021
I had been waiting six months for an appointment and the day before I was due to attend they phoned and cancelled my appointment.

15 Months wait for an appointment BMEC

April 18, 2021
I have waited over 15 months for an eye hospital appointment. My optician has sent 2 letters and my GP has also written. Still not had any response.

Very good I have annual screening BMEC

April 17, 2021
Very good I have annual screening. but last 2 appointments not had letter re outcomes and their phone system hopeless! Worst I've come across. Offers options at every stage so very difficult to speak to anyone if none of this options capture what you need. Pick outpatients and end up back at appointments!
Patricia McCabe

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Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre (BMEC)

Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre is one of the largest facility of its kind in Europe. Based at City Hospital Birmingham, our facility receives referrals from hospitals and GPs across the region.


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