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Absolutely Awful

Mental Health
May 8, 2024
I first became ill 27 years ago and have basically been given pills and told to go away Thanks to this lot I have the settled expectation of dying in the MH system. Had they done their job properly, I would still be in work instead of being early retired due to mental ill- health. All that they bother with is asking when I am going to do voluntary work- which is code for asking me when I am going to get a job. Precisely just how much extra tax do they want me to pay? Then the occupational therapist said that going somewhere and making gift bags would help me " give back" to society. He could not answer when I told him that I have a clean criminal record and as I pay tax on my occupational pension, I do not welcome being made " busy" and that I will do what I want to do, all perfectly legal, when I want to do it.
Even going to the local MHT results in a complaint on every visit. On one occasion, I was told to use the men's toilet as the ladies was filthy and the cleaner, who apparently is paid to clean the toilet, refused to do. However, when I pointed out that the NHS is legally bound to provide single- sex spaces, nobody could answer me.
The only reason that I attend my appointments is for authorisation of my meds. In other words, to get my drugs. And I really hope that this Trust is proud of what they have turned me into.

The amount of sessions is not enough

March 18, 2024
I was told by a counselling service at work that my needs were too great and I had complex ptsd in November 23. They referred me back to my GP. I spoke to a superb doctor who took me seriously and referred me to the Community Mental Health Team. I had an assessment on 23rd December and given details of a local organisation for Psychotherapy. They contacted me within 2 weeks and I started therapy in February. All very fast. I was so pleased. I expected to wait a year or more. The only downside is I can have 6 sessions then have to have a 12 week wait before next batch of 6. My therapist said I need many sessions and what NHS cover is simply just not enough.
Julie Elliott

A nightmare

February 12, 2024
Nightmare. They're not helping. They have appointments but use medication as opposed to therapy. They add tablets on all the time. I could do with being referred on for CBT or a psychiatrist for someone to talk to her and get down to the problem.

They left me with a mentally ill husband

November 28, 2023
I contacted the crisis team, it is very expensive to contact reception. If you are in crisis they should come out to you. They spoke to me in the most condescending, patronising and ill manner. They are not helpful and they left me with a psychotic husband. They wouldn't access home treatment and the community team didn't respond for 3-4 days. They didn't come out to assess him. They need proper action plans need to be put in place. I wish they would get rid of the crisis team and get physical help for people in crisis. A&E is not the option. A&E in Seacole or High Croft to develop.

CMHT are helpful and brilliant

November 16, 2023
Community mental health team sorted my medication and were helpful. I has 2 psychiatric nurses to help me. Brilliant.

The funding was cut, so the calls stopped.

October 24, 2023
I looked forward to calls from a lady here and then one day she said it would not continue. There was no notice. The funding had stopped dead and that was the last session. It was like my right arm had been cut off. Luckily she had referred me onto Birmingham Mind initially so now I am accessing their hub. I miss the calls though.

Terminate placements without informing you.

October 17, 2023
They terminate people's placements and without telling them. They're not professional and they are not trusted for mental health services. They're not good.

Good communication

September 8, 2023
I have no access to the Barberry service at the moment but was recently discharged from the Jasmyn suite where I was for 3 years. There were always interpreters and the communication was always good. I was discharged with a CPN but not sure where it is.

Psychiatrist left, no appointment for 6 months

June 2, 2023
You don't get as many appointments as you should and you get 2 face to face appointments that are 30 minutes long. My psychiatrist left and I didn't have an appointment for 6 months.

CPN arranges all healthcare

May 3, 2023
I go to Osborne House every couple of weeks for my medication. I see the CPN every week and they arrange all my healthcare. They've been really helpful.

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