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October 5, 2021
Poor, very long waiting list 2 years now.
M T Varnom

Early help & support is very poor

September 30, 2021
Children with mental health problems are turned away from early help and support is very poor. They chat about it and do nothing but talk,

Lack of support and slow service

September 30, 2021
Lack of support and slow service for autism & ADHA. No trans-inclusive service workers.

Discharged and pass you around no care

September 29, 2021
Discharged and pass you around no care.


July 7, 2021
Disgraceful after finding out because i missed an appointment last year they had removed me from there books when my mental health is classed severe! I even phoned same afternoon about half hour after missing appointment explaining why i missed that appointment! I was told not to worry at the time that i would be given another appointment which didn't happen!! I found out i had removed from there books when i phoned to ask why i haven't had another appointment. my appointment i had last month has also been changed to later this year in June! which means not had anyone to see me since last year in July! I'm now feeling i have been failed yet again by the mental health services!! had enough off being let down where i lived before moving to Birmingham last year in June! seems people with any form of mental health issues are forgotten about!!

Poor support in the pandemic

April 30, 2021
In mental health support was really lonely during the pandemic, we need Government to look at this very critically. We also need those who care for mental health their payments must be improved so that they can carry good care.

Utterly appalling service

April 30, 2021
Utterly appalling service that leaves the most vulnerable without the support they promised.

Never get the quality of care

April 29, 2021
My son never get the quality of care that he needs


April 29, 2021
Dreadful service. Even if you see a psychiatrist, they listen but don't actually do anything.

No response to referral

April 29, 2021
Despite being referred twice for talking therapies, I've not even received an acknowledgment. I appreciate the use of internet based consultations but not using normal apps (like zoom, teams) means that I could join in normally because of conflicts with my mobiles settings. I understand that they don't want to give out email addresses but there's a reason why some services are world leading and used by governments and businesses to conduct confidential calls.

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