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Cannot get an appointment

August 7, 2021
Never answer the phone. Cannot get an appointment

This is not acceptable

August 6, 2021
You are caller number 53. This is not acceptable

Difficult to get an appointment

August 5, 2021
A great deal of difficulty in getting an appointment to see a doctor. When phoning it takes an age to get through and when you do, you get the message, 'there are no appointments for today, please try again tomorrow.' Then if you are lucky, you get an appointment with a nurse, not a doctor.

Poor experiences outweigh the good

July 7, 2021
I really dread having to make an appointment! The stress and frustration of the call just isn't worth it - I have been suffering for years with several ailments that I am trying hard to ignore as the stress of getting an appointment is not worth it. Even before lockdown, going to the doctor was rarely a positive experience, I usually (with some notable exceptions) felt as though the appointments were generally rushed and I was only half listened to. There are some excellent doctors and I have had some good consultations - you just need to be lucky to get one - unfortunately the poor experiences outweigh the good and reception / admin are the worst part of the overall service. The nurses are wonderful - but why does it take 2 weeks to get a blood test done when the results can be back in less than 6 hours! Like many others, I do feel as though lockdown has been used as an excuse for not seeing patients. Also, the app has functionality on it to book appointments but despite trying dozens of times, there are never any appointments available - I am guessing it just isn't used but if that is the case, why isn't there a comment telling the user that they are wasting their time trying to get an appointment using the app. Finally, I think there is a problem with the prescription process, I get the impression that doctors believe prescription process cycle complete next day. In my experience it normally takes 4 days from the doctor telling me he has sent a prescription across (to Boots) to me receiving the text that tells me it is ready for collection.

Doctor phoned later that afternoon

April 30, 2021
Telephoned with a 'cough' problem which had been present for approx. a week about 10 days ago & spoke to a Practice Nurse who diagnosed a Doctors discussion .Doctor phoned later that afternoon & recommended tablet medicine after discussion (not penicillin based !)
Sidney Derek Beeton

Always good

April 29, 2021
Always good....sometimes difficult to make contact by phone or get an early appointment
Graham Edwards

Difficulty getting through on phone

April 27, 2021
Difficulty getting through on phone. Not enough phone or face to face appointments.

All staff are welcoming and friendly Four oaks medical centre

April 26, 2021
I have been at their surgery over 10 years. I have to say all the GPS I have meant have been wonderful always above and beyond with the service. The only negative point would be the telephone lines trying to actually get an appointment is ridiculous your in a queue sometimes up to 45mins. However all staff are welcoming and friendly.


April 25, 2021
Excellent, well organised didn't e even feel the jab
Chris Allen

Pleasant and efficient

April 22, 2021
Pleasant and efficient.

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