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Almost impossible see a GP

June 22, 2022
Can't get a face to face appointment and trying to get a phone consultation almost as bad. Average wait on phone 45mins. No accessibility to book online.

They do not understand Sickle cell

June 20, 2022
They do not understand Sickle cell so I rarely use them but I can only get certain medicines from them and they are hard to get through.

Falling standards of Care

April 8, 2022
Basic standards of care have fallen considerably at Eaton Wood Surgery over the last eighteen months. It's an uphill struggle to get Staff to accept that they are poor at the proving the very simplest of tasks. For example, ordering a Prescription is such an uphill struggle from getting through by telephone to collecting the Prescription in person. It is standard practice to be bounced between the Surgery and the on-site Pharmacy as neither accept responsibility when you arrive to collect your Prescription and it's not even processed. Moreover, the Surgery appears to be adrift, without any proper leadership and or direction; mention to the Reception staff that you want to make a Complaint and they scurry around desperately trying to put you off making your concerns public or looking at you blank faced as they inform you that they are not familiar with the Practice's Complaints Policy. Is there any Public Body monitoring this failing Practice on behalf of Patients ?


April 4, 2022
Not seen Gp for over 2years, finally had long over due blood test, results come back abnormal, so need a doctor's have other health issues which need attention,cannt get apt,Last summer I ended up in hospital because of their neglect.disgusting way to treat patients,the practice have the nerve to advertise for new patients.

Been ringing surgery for days start at 7.58

November 24, 2021
Go through information then get cut off. The surgery is then constantly engaged. I am trying to get an appointment for my son who has had a spinal problem for over 25 years. This has spread to hips and legs. Doctor has always been excellent with my son when he has been able to get an appointment with him before pandemic. How can the line be constantly engaged when I try before 8am. This practice has gone down hill the receptionist I spoke to Friday was rude unhelpful. My son cannot travel to walk in centre. It's now Wednesday and been cut off I keep ringing back and getting engaged sound. Really bad practice.

Appointments please !

November 16, 2021
Need 2 phones and ring just after 7.59. Even then you are 30 something in the queue, holding on for 30 - 40 mins to be told no appointments left, ring tomorrow…..

Can never get an appointment

November 16, 2021
I have tried to get an appointment numerous times to see a doctor and have been unable too. Also had flu jab booked then cancelled when I arrived. They didn’t even have the courtesy to contact me

Great staff

September 14, 2021
Great staff

Horrible service

September 14, 2021
Horrible service will never get phone lines, staff is very rude and undertrained.

Call handlers acting as first line triage service

August 23, 2021
Tendency to be confrontational and seem to work off a script when dealing with callers - assume a degree if medical knowledge which I would not normally associate with a receptionist. Call handlers acting as first line triage service rather than acting in requirements expressed by caller.
John Reid

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