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They haven't been helpful

February 13, 2024
I tried talking to my GP about my mental health and they said to leave it with the mental health service and have not been helpful.

Long waiting times for appointments

February 12, 2024
When calling up you can't get an appointment. It's hard to find appointments and there are long waiting times.

I cannot get an appointment after 10 days

January 23, 2024
I have a bad piles issue and I am trying to get a face to face appointment with my GP for the last 10 days but cannot get one.

Long waits and appointments are a challenge

January 23, 2024
A challenge to get an appointment. Long waits on the phone is very common. The GPs and nurses are very good.

Not the greatest

January 22, 2024
They are not the greatest. I can't get appointments. They tell you to use the app and then you log on and all the appointments are gone. How does that even work. I just have to try and call them and hope they have something over the next few days after.

Great treatment

January 22, 2024
A good service. Great treatment for thalassemia. The behaviour of the nurse and doctor is very good. Happy with appointments.
Ruksana Aktha

They are now improving

January 22, 2024
Sometimes when my child is sick they have no appointments. She is anaemic and there isn't any emergency appointments for her so I was unable to get any treatment. They are improving however.

Very happy with the service

December 12, 2023
Very happy with the service received. The GP listens to you and tries to help you out. The staff are very helpful and polite.

I requested a repeat prescription 4 weeks ago

November 28, 2023
The medication has still not been placed on repeat. DESPITE a hospital letter. Which was sent electronically.
Imtiaz Ahmed

They really help me and my family

November 27, 2023
They really help me and my family. We have been with them for a really long time and every time we need medication they give it to us without having to wait a week or so.

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