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January 15, 2015
For nearly two years this hospital treated me with contempt and messed me about, in spite of repeated unnecessary and stressful appointments and admissions they failed to do the right basic tests for my condition or listen to me and basically implied that I was anxious when I in fact had a life threatening heart condition and my health was deteriorating. They ignored my complaints and they "lost" my medical records. I ended up giving up on them and going to a good hospital out of area where I was treated with respect, tested and treated within 6 weeks, no messing about and in stark contrast to the culture at this place. I am picking up the pieces from their vile mistreatment now. Strongly advise others to avoid this hospital if you have a choice.

A&E with head wound after fall

January 5, 2015
I was treated with dignity, professionalism and care. All staff were courteous and helpful. I even got a sandwich as my blood sugar was low (many thanks) A whole barrage of tests including a head scan done in a timely manner with feedback given. My concerns and questions were treated seriously and addressed as fully as possible. I would also like to make clear that I include the Ambulance Paramedics in these comments.
Mr Phillip Pritchard

laser treatment on Varicose vains

October 30, 2014
went to outpatients that was ok then went to first operation surgeon said they had lost my notes so operation was canceled on that day surgeon told me i could have veins stripped out so was happy with that 2nd,3rd,4th operation was canceled 5th operation went to hospital saw the surgeon who then said i was having laser treatment and nothing else was not happy but had it done any way because i think i would not get an other appointment for some time came out of theater was told i could go home if i was ok a little while later i told male nurse that i was feeling sick and he said oh don't be stupid you only had laser treatment was glad to get out of there.
robert roberts

Excellent dedicated care

October 2, 2014
Staff really kind, caring and dedicated
Kay Franklin

Trouble with transport, sometimes late

October 1, 2014
Trouble with transport, sometimes late. All service was excellent

Day Patient- Hearing Test

October 1, 2014
Check in machine not working but staff very helpful. 2 and half hour wait due to consultant not being available. Lack of communication however when finally seen service was good.

Referred quick from GP

July 24, 2014
Very efficient and organised
Peter Jordan

Ward situation

July 22, 2014
I was visiting a friend on a ward. I felt sorry for the staff running around like headless chickens. They have no time for patients. I can see another Stafford hospital happen here.

Ward 4 and Ward 7

July 21, 2014
Father went in with leukemia. There was no after care support provided. No family support provided. I wasn't aware of my rights and patient was not able to access own records to find out what was wrong. This was not explained by consultant.
Alison Davies

Long term illness

July 21, 2014
Carrier of MRSA. Feel shut away and isolated. Need to explain services and procedures.
Adrian Jones

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