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Really good service

February 10, 2020
Really good service, really pleased.

Clinics running late

February 10, 2020
As an outpatient with a recurring foot injury, I have regularly used the services by both hospitals. My experience on the whole has been quite positive; regarding the staff in particular. However, on this particular day the clinic is apparently running a massive two hours late! As I have had to attend various clinics in the past, I know what this can occur due to unforeseen circumstances, but the regularity of this is a concern. Instances such as this can also prove costly due to the cost of parking at these hospitals.

Not satisfied with service

February 10, 2020
City Hospital and NHS in general
Not satisfied with service at all. Took 4 years and now been sent back by GP. They know the problem - same problem but not getting resolved. Done laser treatment, injections, tablets, when I actually need a small operation - going on for 4 years. Problems actually getting worse - not sleeping properly.

Staff communication should be improved

February 10, 2020
The communication of staff should be improved.
Sugra Bi

Problems looking for right departments

February 10, 2020
Hassle looking for the right departments; no reception on the ward for assistance.

Attended Endoscopy department

February 9, 2020
Made to feel relaxed and welcome by reception and all nursing staff including doctor.
Kevin Coombes

My husband was admitted to City

Accident and emergency services
June 11, 2019
on Sunday the 9th June, my husband came to City hospital by hospital at approx. 9.00pm. We were treated so well in A and E all the staff went out of their way to help him. He was then admitted to Assessment ward 1 where again he was treated so well. Thank you to all the staff you are amazing.
Anne Gadd

Reply from City Hospital

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us your comments. We welcome feedback to improve the quality of our services and to tell us what we are doing well.

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We have been to family clinic in Boots

April 4, 2019
We have been to family clinic to do a check up and unfortunately ended up in A&E because patients condition got worse. While in city hospital A&E and then Gynaecology, they kept our family for more than 6.5 hours waiting for a doctor. At this point they had more than 7 midwifes and nurses. From 4-10:52 we wait for doctor to check sounds, ridiculous.

Reply from City Hospital

Thank you for your comments. We welcome feedback to improve the quality of our services and to tell us what we are doing well.

To discuss your concerns in more detail, please call 0121 507 4080, 0121 507 5892 or 0121 507 6440 and we can use your feedback to improve patient’s front line experiences.

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Patients should be informed about long waits.

March 11, 2019
Waiting area should have TV. If there is a long wait patients should be informed about it so that they are prepared for it. Books and toys needed for children to keep them busy. Bigger room needed to accommodate more people with comfortable chairs.

The service she receives is very good

Sickle Cell
March 11, 2019
My sister has sickle cell and gets treatment at city hospital quite regularly. The service she receives is very good. They are aware of her condition and needs.

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