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Very poor customer service

March 24, 2022
I am a recovering cancer patient and can never get anyone at this facility to answer the phone.. When I get a ride to the facility all I get is "we're all booked for today. Call at 8am in the morning " Ridiculous!! THEY do not answer the phone..
Melvin Thompson


March 21, 2022
Joined the queue for callback at 8.40am on Friday. No callback received. I called again at 3pm and selected a different option and managed to get through to a human being. She gave me a 3hr callback window for the following Saturday (9 to 12pm)- over a wk later or said I can callback or come and join queue on Monday morning (I work). Joined queue again today and received a callback. Explained why I was calling and was immediately told there was nothing until Saturday - I said my daughter needs tests on her heart and needs to be referred by a GP after taking her to hospital twice last week. She said they'll discuss in their huddle and I MAY receive a callback after 1pm. No suprise it's nearly 5pm and I haven't received a callback. I am baffled as to why this surgery is still operating and will now be putting in an official complaint. I won't be surprised if I don't receive a callback on Saturday either and I don't even know if that will be doctor or will I still have to bring her in to the surgery.
Chantal JB

Impossible to get an appointment

March 18, 2022
Impossible to get an appointment. Been trying for six weeks. If you get through all the appoint for today have gone. " Book me in for tomorrow then". "Can't do that ring back at 8.00am". No eConsult form as they've turned this facility off "to manage the number of requests" (!). Phone is the only way. Medication has run out and can't get repeat until I've seen a doctor. Can't see a doctor until I have an appointment. Currently been on hold since 8.00am (it's now 11:13). Having to take annual leave to phone as I can't do this at work.

This has got steadily worse and if I'm not in a unique position then this must put the viability and safety of the Practice into doubt.

Poor customer service

January 24, 2022
Getting an appointment is next to impossible. now they've closed the online form to request a call back. The receptionists are useless. They never give you the correct information and move extremely slowly. Despite the fact that most places have gone back to normal working, they insist on closing the surgery and you have to stand outside and try and speak through a barely open window which means if you go for a rare face to face appointment you end up being late. It's puzzling why they insist on doing this when inside is equipped to deal with patients and there is glass between the reception and and patients. They need to resolve this issue and stop using the pandemic as an excuse to treat patients poorly.

No way of getting a appointment

September 14, 2021
The doctors and nurses are very good but you will never get a appointment the receptionist are wast of time move and speak in slow motion they are a joke and whoever is in charge has not done anything to fix it, probably employing family and friends

Appointment system is an absolutely shambles.

August 14, 2021
This surgery does have a few really good doctors if you are select as the chosen one, you are extremely lucky (also has a couple of extremely bad Doctors as well....avoid Dr 'I' if possible as she is beyond rubbish).The appointment system is awful and doesn't make sense. In a nut shell, to get an appointment, you are required to call from 8am (along with the rest of the world....or so it feels like it). My record stands at 365 calls before i got though to request a call back from a doctor. Things should be going back to normal after the pandemic, but you still have to call to request an initial call back first to be assessed to have a appointment in the actual surgery. Most of the reception staff soooo look as though they hate their job and don't have any customer service skills at all. They do look absolutely worn out. (There is actually one proper decent one). The atmosphere in the surgery is gloomy and it looks a bit worn. We the patient are not asking for the world we just need you to make the appointment system easier, treat us like humans and with respect and listen to the patient so you can diagnose us properly. we get told not to go to A and E but of patient are just getting the service and are not being seen. What are we supposed to do. Modality sort it out.

Mixed Review

July 6, 2021
Excellent service using app during pandemic. Telephone consultations with practitioners easy and helpful. Much better than going via receptionist. Prior to pandemic visiting practice could be unpleasant. Queue to check in. Aggressive reception staff because they are stressed, having to help diverse population with many different languages spoken. Some patients aggressive and demanding. Waiting room experience poor, tv screen intrusive, children allowed to run free by some parents, area too small. Medical staff excellent.

No education on changes at surgery

June 17, 2021
Appear to be constantly changing on line contact I currently have 3 apps. Now I go through on line to the surgery - no notification of changes - message always speak to surgery when I have done this it’s met with I will look in to why it does not work. Can I book ... no you have to phone in ... I am already talking to you! Filled in complaint on line and sent to a paid service even though I didn’t know if I needed that service. I wanted to speak to a Dr. I paid for the service, when did they stop referring to hospital ? No education on changes at surgery. They are our service provider ?
Prize Draw Data
Pauline Millward-Frater

Impossible to get appointment,

April 22, 2021
Telephone lines are always busy, you can never get through, cannot obtain appointment, looking for new surgery.worst service ever! God only knows how the elderly folks manage...
Miss Ranger

GPS refuse to offer face to face appointments

April 16, 2021
Osteoarthritis in knees and lower spine. Progressively worsening over past 5 years. Numerous 'telephone' appointments as GPS refuse face to face. Now GPS avoiding telephone appointments. Takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes, constantly pressing redial from 0800 hrs to speak to a receptionist. You may then be offered a same day telephone appointment being stage 1 of the sifting system seemingly now in place. GPS do everything to avoid offering a face to face which is the next stage. I have had numerous xrays and MRIs over recent years that had identified substantial wear and tear in my right knee. Unable to bear weight on this knee the other knee has been overcompensating, resulting in the same in the left knee. I completed an, 'E Consult form, detailing my inability to stand without experiencing such severe pain that I am drenched in sweat, feel nauseous and faint. I requested: a call back/ phone consultation with a GP; referral to orthopaedic surgeon; and wheelchair assessment. A GP responded via email: instructing me to contact the hospital to chase my rheumatologist referral which is nothing to do with my arthritic knees. That was the GP response.

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