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Can't get face to face appointment

August 6, 2021
Can't get face to face appointment.


April 29, 2021
Excellent. I was divertred from Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital, and everything was great.

The demand on the service is very high

April 29, 2021
The actual service is great but the demand on the service is very high, resulting in a long wait for appointments and a feeling of not being to really totally discuss medical concerns as there is not enough time. The GP's themselves are outstanding with their service.

It was really well organised Attwood Green medical centre

April 24, 2021
It was really well organised with very professional staff and volunteers who were very helpful as well. I felt safe and was told all the information that was relevant for me and the GP who gave me my vaccine checked beforehand about all the other medication I was on in order to make sure the vaccine was suitable and safe for me.
Andrew O'Malley

Always listening and interested in your problem

April 14, 2021
Appointment making for today needs a phone call at a certain time in the morning. The appointment involves very little waiting time in the surgery. Always listening and interested in your problem, asking questions to focus on your complaint and obtain correct diagnosis.
Geoff Caine

Vaccine clinic

March 1, 2021
Attended a clinic for the Covid-19 vaccine. The clinic was well run and organised. Lots of volunteers helping and cleaning. The only bit that could be improved was a separate area for waiting 15 minutes after the vaccine, as it was a mixed up area with normal practice patients, people waiting for the vaccine and people who had had it.

Worked well during lockdown

July 17, 2020
Online survey questionnaire: What has worked well for you during lockdown?
Answer: Bath Row Medical center was good at telephone appointments during this period.

Can be good, impossible to get appointment

February 17, 2020
When you actually have an appointment, the care can be quite good. However it is near impossible to actually get an appointment. I have been trying to get one for weeks.
I even had a receptionist phone to tell me I needed to discuss something with a Dr, but she rang in the evening when no appointments were available apparently, and helpfully said I just had to call back at 8:30am to try get one. However, if you try and call then, it's nearly impossible to get through, and you get told the queue is full and it hangs up. I can't afford to keep ringing, and the timing is so inconvenient as that's when I'm commuting to work. The online app seems to never have appointments, and just signposts you to private care options now. Wheres the NHS care?

Very good nurse but bad receptionist

December 5, 2019
The nurse was very good but the receptionist who was a man was very horrendous and has a very irritating attitude. Laughing at me family with the other colleagues because we are asylum seekers. Actually makes you feel unwelcome


November 22, 2019

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