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Don't seem to get appointments

June 4, 2024
I haven't been there much. I don't seem to get appointments so I just wait to see what they have available. They will let you know what is coming up in a week or two.

Very difficult to get an appointment

June 3, 2024
First time, I had heavy bleeding, tried to see a doctor but the next appointment was over a week after with the only option of telephone appointment. Second time now, too dizzy to even stand, been trying to reach them for days, they don’t pick calls, might have to call an ambulance, been crying all day in pain

I have the best GPs

May 28, 2024
The doctor put me on medication because I was very stressed. I couldn't focus. The doctors are very lovely, very good services. Signposted me to counselling. My GP is very understanding, very good, even if I have to see a different doctor. Always very caring and kind. I couldn't have better doctors. They are all great. When I lost my adopted mum and friend last year they were so supportive. They listen to me, gave me medication and signposted me to Samaritans, A&E, 999 if I was experiencing self harm.

A very engaging GP

May 7, 2024
Always a long wait to get appointments. But the GP is very helpful. The GP listens to me and engages with me in a very nice manner.

No call back for my telephone appointment

April 29, 2024
Impossible to get appointments. They overbook more than they can handle. The reception staff are rude and the doctor doesn't call when I have phone appointments, this has happened twice now.

No problems here.

April 2, 2024
No problems. I am able to get an appointment easily. The GP referred onto the hospital for x-ray for my knees and hips.

Too difficult to get appointment, I go to A&E

March 19, 2024
Very difficult to get an appointment. The last few times I went to A&E straight away instead.

I needed to order medication very quickly

March 16, 2024
I carelessly ran out of some medication and was very impressed by the speed and efficiency with which the Medical Centre and Pharmacy dealt with this - a doctor signed my order very quickly and it was delivered to the Pharmacy the next day. I am very grateful for this. (I tried to write a review but my review was rejected on that grounds that all its words were in capital letters which was not the case!!)
(The Rev Canon) Andrew Lenox-Conyngham

Worried to discuss my status

March 4, 2024
I am worried to discuss my status to the GP because of the stigma that is attached.

First class GP

February 12, 2024
Wonderful. First class. No bother at all. I spoke with the GP this morning and she asked me to come down today no problems. I think if you appreciate what's done for you as you find people moan for everything. They have been excellent for me. They picked up my leukaemia really quickly and got me referred on immediately.

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