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So busy

May 9, 2022
Solihull is a big place. The decision to get rid of A&E at Solihull is absurd. Solihull having no A&E has increased the waiting times. I split my head open, there were 30 staff at Solihull that couldn't do anything, not even an initial check. I had to phone a relative to pick me up and take me to Heartlands Hospital, which was too busy. Heartlands are covering all areas Birmingham and Solihull. It was so busy I was sat on the floor with my head bleeding.


April 27, 2022
My father was admitted to the heartlands birmingham and eventually ended up on ward 8. He was extremely ill and it was quite obvious to the family he was not going to survive. So all of our attempts to visit my dad before he died was thrown back at us “because of covid” even tho restrictions had been eased. so eventually we made a complaint to PALS and we was told one person from the family can visit. My sister arrived to be told you can only visit if you feed your dad. I can’t believe the staff can actually get away with saying this. So the following day I contacted PALS again they were no help whatsoever. Then conveniently ward 8 blocked all visting once again due to “covid”
I had to constantly chase a dr for a phone call/update on my dad only once did a Dr actually make contact with me without me having to beg for a callback within a 4 week period! I was told by this dr that your dad is extremely ill you should be able to visit but unfortunately the ward manager says no visting until it’s end of life. The family had a call a month later at 9:30 at night to say unfortunately your father will not survive night even tho I had been ringing ward 8 all day to be told “he’s fine he’s doing well” I had 20 minutes with him before he died shortly after midnight. It’s absolutely disgusting that my dad spent the last month of his life on his own. The nurses and ward manger where such hard work no care towards the family it makes me wonder what kind of care did he actually receive during his stay. My words can’t explain how angry and upset we are. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Originally I posted this review direct with “heartlands hospital birmingham” then I received an email saying it will not be posted due to the content. Says it all really.

There was no support

March 17, 2022
When I left hospital there was no support. I didn't know where to turn. I had a stroke and now I have low mobility but doctor just said lose weight.

Pain Clinic Appointment

March 7, 2022
I’ve been waiting for a pain management appointment for over 2 years. I recently received a letter from the hospital asking if I still required the appointment (which I do)and responded but still haven’t heard anything 3 months later.

Feel like no one's interested

March 6, 2022
I've waited 5 years for 2 lumps to be removed from my stomach being Diabetic I think they hope I'll just fade away

9 hours waiting!

March 6, 2022
I was told my symptoms were serious after an initial ECG (I was admitted for any heart problems) I at to wait 9 dammed hours to be told I need an MRI so they wanted me to stop in.

Refused entry

Ward 1 BHH AMU3
February 28, 2022
Traveled twice from Worcester to visit my mother who is serious sick and refused twice because of covid from the same nurse
Chris spears

Great care for day surgery

January 10, 2022
Had surgery for fractured elbow. Arrived in the morning and was at home by early evening to recover from operation that felt very safe and efficient.

Tried for a whole day to get through

Accident and emergency services
December 20, 2021
Tried for a whole day to get through to admissions trying to find out what was happening to my 86 yr old uncle.

Terribly painful experience

December 12, 2021
I’m 38weeks pregnant and after visiting delivery suite & being told I was in early labour (and I’m a great deal of pain) I was left in a waiting room on a plastic chair for 3.5 hours and told I had to wait for a doctor.
This is not the first time this has happened, I have never attended the maternity dept and been home in less than 3/4 hours. You have to wait in the most uncomfortable conditions every single time you have an appointment. Appalling

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