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Fobbed me off

August 16, 2022
I went to A&E, the doctor sent me home with anti-sickness tablets. They just didn't understand how much pain I was in and fobbed me off. I was taken back to hospital by an ambulance less than 12 hours later where they admitted me.


August 4, 2022
They were brilliant, everything was fabulous. The referral process from my GP to appointment was also quick.

It was good

July 29, 2022
It was good, last went when son was born. I was there in a ward for 15 days and moved to another. First ward was good but the second wasn’t good. Nobody cared after I had C-Section.

Really understaffed

July 28, 2022
Staffing is really bad. It's terrible, really understaffed. 12 patients to one nurse. Something needs to be done.

She missed her appointment

July 28, 2022
My mom was referred to spinal unit and she received the letter for appointment by post on Monday at 11:30 but her appointment was at 9:30 the same morning. She missed her appointment due to poor communication.


July 28, 2022
Tooth became infected so I ended up in A&E and needed antibiotics. Terrible, really bad. Gave me morphine on arrival and then left me 6 hours without pain relief. The nurse was really rude.

It was great

July 28, 2022
I went here for radiotherapy and it was great. No problems at all. They also validate your parking ticket.

Don't like the hospital

July 26, 2022
They were okay, but I don't like the hospital. It's too big and hard to get around.

Went to A&E

July 25, 2022
Went there when when I broke my foot. I was in A&E. I had to wait all day waiting to see a doctor. I had to sleep with my foot in the air.

Good experience

July 22, 2022
I only visited the hospital as an outpatient through being referred from my doctor, the experience was good though.

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