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They are very good

May 10, 2022
They are very good. The GP picked up an underline condition during pandemic and provided full support and help.

Helpful and polite

April 19, 2022
Staff care for people and are very helpful and polite.

Very difficult to get appointments

April 19, 2022
Very good staff but very difficult to get appointments. You have to wait for at least a week before seeing GP.

Can’t even get through on phone

January 12, 2022
Actually getting the booster seems a million miles away, west Heath surgery, Can’t even get through on phone.

Appalling service

December 7, 2021
Appalling service. When you have an urgent medical problem and phone for appointment you are given an appointment for 3 weeks time. I am 70 years old and have only had 1 Covid vaccination, that was at the end of January. 4 months later I was still waiting for appointment for second vaccination, finally although disabled with severe mobility problems and Agraphobia managed to get myself to surgery at beginning of May. Although plenty of vaccine and nobody waiting, I was told by the manager XXX to "go away" as did not have appointment. He was extremely rude and disrespectful and would not let me go in for the vaccination although the doctor said I could go in as there was no problem. Now on November 25th I am still waiting for my second Covid vaccination. I have COPD and compromised Immune system ( chemotherapy) amongst other things but I am completely open to getting Covid as I have not been vaccinated. This Surgery could not care less about their patients.

Waited 4 months for a smear test

August 27, 2021
Great until you need an appointment, waited 4 months for a smear test to then be told there isn't even a back log any more absolute joke when I've had abnormal smears before. Don't get me started on normal appointments won't even see my son and haven't since he was 10 weeks old even though he stopped feeding had a raging temperature on a separate occasion then myself I haven't been able to see anyone for the whole of lockdown even thought I have a lot of conditions which I need blood tests for again not interested

Fantastic Gps

August 20, 2021
Fantastic Gps. Great receptionists. Calls answered quickly. Appointments given promptly
Sally Brown

Very well organised

April 29, 2021
Very well organised and professional

Not able speak to gp

April 29, 2021
Not able speak to gp, messages passed through receptionists, advice given via reception staff.

I was disgusted by her lack of concern and left. West heath medical centre

April 26, 2021
I had an appointment to discuss a scan I had on my back. I arrived in plenty of time. After almost one hour(, I was the only person waiting) I went downstairs to receptionist and told her I was leaving as no one had called me. She asked me to wait while she rang the physiotherapist. With that the person appeared out of no where and said she would see me now. I told her I was disgusted by her lack of concern and left.
Teresa Hatton

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